Lkab’s trainee programme – an important source of key skills

LKAB’s trainee programme attracted great interest, and following a thorough selection process seven women and five men were accepted onto this year’s programme. They are all engineers and come from various parts of the world.

LKAB’s trainee programme started in 2005 and since then 53 trainees have completed the programme. The 12 participants accepted this year are spread between Malmberget and Kiruna, and have been placed in various departments including market and technology, projects, processing operations and urban transformation.

“The trainee programme is an important source for securing the recruitment of key skills to LKAB. It is a unique opportunity to recruit people with varying backgrounds and with different experience and training. The dynamism created by the diversity of the group is important for LKAB’s continued development journey,” says Madeleine Björkman, HR Business Partner with responsibility for the trainee programme.

The trainee programme is nine months long and is aimed at new graduates, mainly in engineering. The programme aims to give participants broad insight into and knowledge of LKAB’s operations, processes and products, and enable them to build a network within the company. It also prepares them for a future position.

“A large part of the time is spent on training, both as a group and individually, as well as periods of work experience out in the operations. To a large extent the trainees can determine themselves what they learn about, but the operations are also involved in structuring the training so that it is geared towards the needs that exist,” says Madeleine Björkman.