Net zero emissions is possible

LKAB, SSAB and Vattenfall at UN climate conference UN Secretary-General António Guterres invited the world to a Climate Action Summit on 23 September to present concrete, realistic plans to reduce greenhouse gases to net zero emissions by 2050. SSAB, LKAB and Vattenfall, the owners behind the HYBRIT initiative, participated in Climate Week NYC and the […]

“We have a clear task”

The Special Products Division has a key role to play in developing a broader, stronger LKAB. The industrial minerals business is to be expanded and the division is tasked with evaluating new business opportunities with a focus on sustainability and greater resource utilisation. To be able to fend off fluctuations in the iron ore market […]

Exploration under Kiruna in progress

Far into the investigation site at a level of 1,375 metres, LKAB employees stand and knock out drill cores from an inner tube. This is where the answers will be found concerning Kiruna’s and LKAB’s future. Work to drive the investigation site has been going on all year and will continue some way into 2020. […]

The mine of the future will be carbon-free, digitalised and autonomous

The current main haulage levels in Kiruna and Malmberget are expected to produce ore until 2035 and 2030 respectively, and the Leveäniemi open-pit mine until 2030. Right now LKAB is collaborating on the question of what form mining of the future at new depths will take. LKAB launched its joint development initiative SUM (Sustainable Underground […]

Clearer career paths to show development opportunities

Skills supply is a strategically important area for LKAB. It is crucial that there are opportunities to develop within the company if we are to attract and retain skilled employees and strengthen our competitiveness. “Our employees’ commitment, innovation and responsibility provide the basis for LKAB to remain competitive. We strive to be an attractive and […]