Drivers of industrial transformation

Metals and minerals are needed in order to build infrastructure and buildings, to raise standards of living and for sustainable development around the world. At the same time, global greenhouse gas emissions need to be drastically reduced – a necessary climate transition that creates opportunities to strengthen our competitiveness. ECONOMIC GROWTH AND DEMOGRAPHIC SHIFTS Economic […]

Revolutionary Investment In Carbon-Free Sponge Iron

LKAB is working with SSAB and Vattenfall to develop iron- and steelmaking technology, with the aim of producing carbon-free sponge iron in order to reduce global carbon emissions. The HYBRIT initiative is a joint initiative by LKAB, SSAB and Vattenfall to secure a fossil-free value chain from mine to steel. The idea behind the development […]

Industrial collaboration for the mining of the future

In the coming years LKAB needs to have a solution in place that will allow it to mine iron ore at depths approaching or exceeding 2,000 metres – carbon-free, digitalised and autonomous. To achieve this, collaboration with other leading industrial companies is vital. Since 2018 LKAB has been running a collaborative project to develop a […]

Turning today’s waste into tomorrow’s resources

LKAB is driving a development project for extracting phosphorus and rare earth elements from mine waste. During the year the ambition was expanded to encompass building a fossil-free industrial park that also produces inputs – including hydrogen – using electrified processes. Increasing environmental performance and reducing impact Within the Special Products business area many different […]

Lkab’s trainee programme – an important source of key skills

LKAB’s trainee programme attracted great interest, and following a thorough selection process seven women and five men were accepted onto this year’s programme. They are all engineers and come from various parts of the world. LKAB’s trainee programme started in 2005 and since then 53 trainees have completed the programme. The 12 participants accepted this […]

Innovative environmental work

LKAB accounts for a large share of Sweden’s carbon emissions and the operations use substantial areas of land. We are also one of Sweden’s biggest consumers of energy and water. Our impact on the surrounding landscape and communities is significant, and we work on a broad front to minimise this. LKAB’s long-term goals go beyond […]